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ETISE Directory

Research Staff

Mingzhou Jin

John D. Tickle Professor, Professor and Associate Head of Industrial & Systems Engineering, and ISSE Director

[email protected]


Modeling and analysis for environment, sustainability and climate change; logistics, transportation, and supply chain management (LTS lab director); operations research and data analytics; advanced manufacturing


Thomas Wenning

ORNL program manager for industrial energy efficiency

[email protected]


Energy efficiency in industry and buildings, program strategy, development and management, decarbonization, DOE-qualified specialist in steam, pump, and fan systems, certified practitioner in energy management systems & SEP performance verifier, and DOE-certified data center energy practitioner


Sachin U. Nimbalkar

ORNL group leader, Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Research & Analysis (MEERA) group

[email protected]


Industrial energy efficiency and decarbonization, industrial process heating, waste heat assessment, life-cycle energy and emissions analysis, smart manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities for manufacturing, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermal sciences, and combustion


Chris R. Price

ORNL R&D associate staff, MEERA group

[email protected]


Advanced control systems for building HVAC and energy efficiency, industrial energy assessment, strategic analysis of new technologies, decarbonization, coordination of energy efficiency outreach initiatives


David Vance

Ph.D. candidate, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

[email protected]


Smart manufacturing, energy management, industrial energy assessment, energy digital twin, off-grid microgrids, waste heat assessment, renewable energy, energy storage

Bill Hicks

Manufacturing Consultant, CIS

Lecturer, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

[email protected]


Manufacturing Extension and Outreach

Lynn Reed

Adjunct associate professor, Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Tennessee Space Institute

Resource Consultant, CIS

[email protected]


Applied probability & statistics, design of experiment, applications, industrial manufacturing, process improvement, process reliability, quality management, energy management, environmental management, defect reduction, risk reduction, cost of quality

Albert Tieche

Mechanical Engineer, CIS

[email protected]

Process improvement, workforce development, project management and administration,