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Purpose & Introduction


The purpose of this operations manual is to outline ETISE operations including how to perform a smart manufacturing for energy management assessment, and other operations including organizational hierarchy, equipment, safety, website, training materials, and regional manufacturer database.


The East Tennessee Initiative for Smart Energy Management (ETISE) was founded by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville along with the UT Center for Industrial Services (CIS) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to promote integration of smart manufacturing (SM) for energy management in the nation through innovative technical assistance and workforce training.

Using East Tennessee as a test bed, ETISE will pursue these three objectives:

  1. Understand how to implement SM for energy management by industries and sizes in the region,
  2. Develop a technical assistance and workforce training model at the regional level through ground service to manufacturers in East Tennessee, and
  3. Make strategic suggestions to DOE and AMO that will promote the adoption of SM for energy management.


The website is located at The website should be kept up to date with any news articles, social media posts, or updates from ETISE.